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All About Buccal Massage

Supine grey haired woman receiving buccal massage to lower face

Buccal massage is a key component to my sculptural face massage treatment. But what exactly is it?

Buccal is the latin word for “cheek” and so massaging this area involves the therapist using their gloved fingers/thumbs to massage and sculpt the inside the mouth cavity between your teeth and cheeks.

There are two parts to this technique. The first works along the upper part of the mouth into the cheekbone and eye area. The second, after a switch of gloves because different fingers are involved, works on the jaw and mastication (chewing) muscles.

Buccal massage allows your therapist to:

  • Work deeper on facial muscles and their attachments

  • Stimulate blood flow and oxygenation of blood in the area

  • Address muscle tension in jaw and cheek/sinus area

  • Alleviate emotional residue left in muscle tissue

  • Support the tissues internally while therapist is working externally

Many people wonder if buccal massage is painful, or if it will make them feel like they are at the dentist (no offense to dentists!). The answer is no, buccal massage should not be painful. On occasion there might be slight discomfort, but this feeling should quickly dissipate. 

As with all aspects of any massage therapy treatment, if you feel any pain or discomfort, let your RMT know immediately so appropriate adjustments can be made.

My entire facial massage treatment is slow and full of intention, but I think the buccal massage portion is everyone’s favourite part!


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