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Your Body Loves You. Love it Back

left hand holding up a card that says "love yourself"


One time during a massage treatment, a client was telling me about their chronically sore shoulder and their frustration that it wasn't getting any better. They said, “I don’t think I’ve been mean to my body, but…”

I just loved this thoughtful phrasing and that we should actually love our body and be kind to it.

It really made me think about the many ways that we might be mean to our bodies: 

  • Fad diets

  • Wearing horrible shoes

  • Not getting enough sleep

  • Lack of movement

  • Sitting on kitchen chairs while working from home

  • Pushing ourselves beyond reasonable limits

  • Etc.etc.

The idea of loving our body, and treating it well for all the great and wonderful things it does for us, is such an act of self love.

There are countless things we can do to love our bodies and show it kindness:

  • Book that massage

  • Take an exercise class

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Invest in a comfortable chair and mattress

  • Eat healthy, fresh food

  • Wear comfortable shoes

  • Lift those weights

  • Have the nap you need

Your body loves you. Love it back.


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