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Things You Don’t Have to Apologize for When You Get a Massage

RMT massaging hamstrings on prone client

We are all human and we all do human things. Yes, even on a massage table! Things like:

  • Falling asleep

  • Snoring

  • Having body hair

  • Sweating

  • Having dry skin/sunburn/body acne

  • Not wanting to talk

  • Stomach gurgling or growling

  • Crying

Please don’t apologize for any of these when you get a massage. 

I actually turned this post into a reel on Instagram and it went quite viral! I think that’s a testament to how these seemingly “horrifying” experiences on a massage table need to be normalized. Because I can assure you, I have seen and heard it all and it’s absolutely a-ok for any and all of these things to happen.

Be yourself without apology. This is a judgment free space.

To be honest, if you fall asleep and snore on my massage table, I’ll take that as a compliment!


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